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SP1000 CNC Metal Spinning Machine (Double Roller)

CNC Metal Spinning Machine (Double Roller)

Double Roller CNC Metal Spinning Machine / CNC Metalworking Machine

Product Features
A standard CNC system uses Siemens technology and includes a USB port.
Meehanite cast iron is utilized after a heat treatment, known for the high quality and less deformation rates.
The guide rails are ultrasonic frequency clenched with a hardness of HRC52.
The independent spindle used ensures excellent movement precision, stiffness and stability
The precision ball screws ensure a dynamic performance well and accurate positioning
The feeding axels are controlled by a servo motor, as is the spindle motor
Hydraulic tailstock
The integrated automatic lubrication system makes maintenance more reliable.
Configuration cooling pump
The mobile manual pulse generator allows the machine to be easily operated.
Semi-enclosed shield




Amount of Rollers

Sync 2+

Max. Diameter of Material

Ø1000 mm

Max. Swing Over Slide

Ø600 mm

Max. Length of Work Piece

600 mm

Thickness of Work Piece

0.5-7.0 mm (Aluminum, Copper)

0.5-3.5 mm

(Carbon Steel)

0.5-3.0 mm (Stainless Steel)

X Travel

610 mm

Z Travel

780 mm

Pushing Force for X Axis

60 kN

Pushing Force for Z Axis

60 kN

Pushing Force of Tailstock

40 kN

Guide Rail Type

Linear Guide Rail

Width of Bed

850 mm

Rapid Traverse X/Z

8/12 m/min

Servo Power X/Z

20/15 N.m

Pulse Equivalent X/Z

0.001 mm

Positioning Accuracy

0.015 mm

Repetitive Positioning Accuracy

0.008 mm

Spindle Nose


Taper of Spindle Bore

120(1:20) Metric

Spindle Bore

Ø110 mm

Spindle Speed

1500 rpm

Taper of Tailstock Quill


Travel of Tailstock

500 mm

Travel of Tailstock Quill

200 mm

Diameter of Tailstock Quill

Ø85 mm

Amount of Tools / Shank Size

6+1 / 30×30 mm2

Spindle Motor Power

22 kw

Machining Accuracy

It 6

Surface Roughness

Ra 1.25

Overall Dimensions


Net Weight

7500 kg

Model Specifications
Item Imperial Metric

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