Sunny Hydraulic Pumps USA

We offer and distribute Sunny Hydraulic Pumps worldwide.  Sunny Hydraulic pumps are commonly found on a wide range of industrial equipment.  Please see a list of common pump models and series below.  To order a sunny hydraulic pump please contact us!

Sunny Hydraulic Pump

Internal gear pumps

     CPO, CP0, CS1 series internal gear pumpS

     Displacement specification: 5 ~ 25 mL/r

     Maximum pressure: 25 MPa

     Maximum speed: 4000 r/min

     HG series internal gear pumps

     Single pump series: HG0/HG1/HG2

     Double pump series: HG00/HG10/HG11/HG21/HG22

     Displacement specification: 8 ~ 160 mL/r

     Maximum pressure: 31.5 MPa

     Maximum speed: 3000 r/min

Sunny hydraulic pump-piston motor

Piston pump/piston motors

     HA2FO series constant displacement piston pump

     Displacement specification: 23 ~ 180 mL/r

     Maximum pressure: 40 MPa

     Maximum speed: 4750 r/min

Sunny hydraulic vane pump

Vane pumps 

     V10F/P and V20F/P series vane pump

     V10F/P / V20F/P series

     Displacement specification: 3.3 ~ 42.5 mL/r

     Maximum pressure: 17.2 MPa

     Maximum speed: 4800 r/min

     Control mode: flow control, monostable shunt, overflow

DVP6 type throttle stop valve  SRCG, SRCT throttle check valve  SRG, SRT throttle valve

Hydraulic valves

     Flow control valve

     Directional control valve

     Pressure control valve

     Modular valve

     Electro-hydraulic proportional

     Multitandem valve

     Threaded cartridge valve

     Two-way cartridge valve

     DVP6 type throttle stop valve

     SRCG, SRCT throttle check valve

     SRG, SRT throttle valve

HJS22-B/01 travel reducer

Reduction gears

     Reduction ratio: 22

     Maximum output torque: 3700Nm

     Maximum output speed: 136 r/min

     HJS22-B/01 travel reducer

     HJS22-B43/01-037 travel reducer

HT Series HPVMF Series HMT series

Hydraulic systems

     HT series 

     Displacement specification: 56 mL/r

     Maximum pressure: 39 MPa

     Maximum input speed: 3000 r/min

     Control mode: mechanical servo, electric proportional control, optional brake 

     HPVMF series

     Displacement specifications: 32, 43 mL/r

     Maximum pressure: 35 MPa

     Maximum input speed: 3000 r/min

     Control mode : manual variable displacement control

     HMT series

     Displacement specification: 43 mL/r

     Maximum pressure: 35 MPa

     Maximum input speed: 3000 r/min

     Control m ode : manual variable  displacement  control