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Automatic CNC Column Band Saw


The Tommy Industrial Automatic CNC Column Band Saw is available in 14 models and with some models featuring a mitering capability.  This band saw line offers the highest level of options including hydraulic claping to the fully integrated CNC panel and operating system.

Some standard features include:

 *Machine interface instead of traditional control panel and sawing parameters are set in figures.

  *PLC (programmable logic controller) for flexible setting of sawing modes.  

  *Automatic material feeding  with positioning less than 0.008” error.

Model TI-BSCGZKX4230 Specifications
Item Imperial Metric
Capacity Round Bar 90° Φ13.78in Φ350mm
Square Bar 90° 13.78x11.02in 350x280mm
Round Bar 45° Φ11.81in Φ300mm
Square Bar 45° 11.81x7.87in 300x200mm

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