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63" Automatic CNC Double Column Band Saw


The Tommy Industrial Automatic CNC Double Column Band Saw line offers high quality precision cutting within a compact structure.  The double column style frame offers the most stable band cutting platform in the industry today.  This line of band saws is fully automatic and easy for the operator to use.   

The Tommy Industrial Automatic CNC Double Column Band Saw is extremely popular in situations where manufacturers and fabricators need to cut parts out of material that needs to be bundled.  All models feature an extremely solid and stable beam the produces accurate placement of the saw blade.  Some standard features include:

*Double-column frame

*Double-cylinder structure which greatly prolongs the service life of the machine,

*Hydraulic control of cutting speed,

*Heavy Duty Cutting Bed

*Hydraulic Clamping

*Hydraulic Cutting Bed Extension

Model TI-BSDC42160 Specifications
Item Imperial Metric
Capacity Round Bar Φ62.99in Φ1600mm
Square Bar 62.99x66.93in 1600x1700mm

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