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118" X 59" CNC Fiber Laser


The Tommy Industrial Laser cutting machine is the most stable, most professional product with the advanced laser generator. It is the integration of laser technology, digital control and precision transmission and drive system.


Working Principles: 


Laser cutting machine is the application of laser wavelengths for 1070mm pulse laser beam expander, reflection, by focusing the radiation surface processing, surface heat through the heat conducting internal diffusion, through precise digital control laser pulse width, energy, power, and peak frequency and other parameters, the evaporation, melting, forming a slit, thus realizing the work piece in laser cutting.




  1. Smooth and fine edge or surface, without subsequent process, small distortion.
  2. Higher cutting speed and low cost, stable and safety, fit for continuous manufacturing.
  3. Imported servo motor and gearing system to guarantee precise cutting.
  4. With independent intellectual property cutting head, with the protection function for laser cutting head.
  5. Stable performance, can work continuously in 24 hours.



  1. Ideal for cutting sheet metal such as Carbon steel, Silicon steel, Stainless steel, Aluminum alloy, Titanium alloy, copper, rare metal,etc.

 2. Widely used in sheet metal processing, metal ware, kitchen appliance, household appliance, medical instrument, precision equipment, electric control box, auto parts, poster, and lighting industry.

Model TI-FLDI1000 Specifications
Item Imperial Metric
Max Cutting Size 118.11x59.06in 3000x1500mm
Max Height Of The Workpiece 4.33in 110mm
Effective Travel X Axis 122.05in 3100mm
Y Axis 62.99in 1600mm
Z Axis 5.91in 150mm
Positional Accuracy X Axis ±0.0012in ±0.03mm
Y Axis ±0.0012in ±0.03mm
Z Axis ±0.00039in ±0.01mm
Repeated Positional Accuracy X Axis 0.00079in ±0.02mm
Y Axis 0.00079in ±0.02mm
Z Axis 0.00020in ±0.005mm
Repid Positioning Speed X Axis 4.72in 120mm
Y Axis 4.72in 120mm
Z Axis 1.18in 30mm
Accelerated Speed X Axis 41.83 ft/s/s 1.3G
Y Axis 41.83ft/s/s 1.3G
The Laser Power 0.67hp/0.94hp/1.34hp/2.011hp/2.68hp/4.02hp/5.36hp 500w/700w/1000w/1500w/2000w/3000w/4000w
The Power Consumption of The Machine Tool 9.45KwH
Total Weight 4.35 tons
Boundary Dimension LxWxH 309.49x126.97x83.86in 7861x3225x2130mm

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