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3.5" CNC Tube and Pipe Bender


Tommy Industrial CNC Tube and Pipe Benders offer exceptional performance and are manufactured using high quality components resulting in a Pipe Bender the delivers exceptional performance.  All Tommy Industrial Tube and Pipe Benders are fully customizable to individual customer needs and specifications.  For more information, contact a Tommy Industrial sales representative today!  Check out the speciation’s:

Model TIDW89CNC-2A-1S Specifications
Item Imperial Metric
Max. diameter x thickness Φ3.5x0.2 in Φ89x5 mm
Max. bending radius R 16 in R 400 mm
Min. bending radius R 1.6 in R 40 mm
Max. bending angle 190° 190°
Max. length of feeding 118 in 3000 mm
Feeding way Directly Directly
Working speed Bending speed 40°/s 40°/s
Turning speed 160°/s 160°/s
Feeding speed 24 in/s 600 mm/s
Working precision Bending precision ±0.3 ±0.3
Turning precision ±0.1 ±0.1
Feeding precision ±0.1 ±0.1
Data input mode Y.B.C. Y.B.C.
Turning servo motor power 1.3 hp 1 kW
Feeding servo motor power 2.7 hp 2 kW
Max. pipe bender number 32 pieces 32 pieces
Parts in store 2000 pieces 2000 pieces
Hydraulic motor power 14.7 hp 11 kW
Max. system pressure 2031 psi 14 mpa
Size 205x53x48 in 5200×1350×1230 mm
Weight 9259 lbs 4200 kg

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