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CNC Turret Punch Press


The Tommy Industrial Hydraulic CNC Turret punch machine incorporates German engineered SIEMENS numerical control systems and Ac servo motor for three axis drive. This machine process plate along the x and y axis.  The Tommy Industrial Turret Punch Press can punch holes, round, square and custom shapes.  This machine can be programmed with multiple programs allowing operators to select project modes with ease.     

The Tommy Industrial Hydraulic CNC Turret Punch Machine is built on a heavy duty fully welded frame allowing for 100% stability.  The Punching table of the machine utilizes the standard roller ball system allowing material to easly glide when being processed.


All Tommy Industrial Hydraulic CNC Turret Punch Machines are fully customizable and built to order.  For more information, contact a Tommy Industrial sales representative today!  Check out the speciation’s:

Model TIHST1250 Specifications
Item Imperial Metric
Nominal force 30 ton 300 KN
Workpiece size 49x98 in 1250x2500 mm
Max. workpiece thickness 0.24 in 6 mm
Max. punch diameter Φ3.5 in Φ88.9 mm
Max. hit speed 600 h.p.m 600 h.p.m
Max. stroke 1.6 in 40 mm
X/Y axis traveling speed 262 ft/min 80 m/min
Workpiece traveling speed 262 ft/min 80 m/min
Turret speed 30 r/min 30 r/min
Main power 20 hp 15 kW
Working accuracy ±0.004 in ±0.10 mm
Total station 24 set 24 set
Axes 4 (X, Y, Z,C) 4 (X, Y, Z,C)
Machine dimensions (length x width x height) 197x118x83 in 5000x3000x2100 mm
Machine weight 26455 lbs 12000 kg
CNC control system SIEMENS 808D SIEMENS 808D
Ball screws HIWIN, Taiwan HIWIN, Taiwan
Linear guideways HIWIN, Taiwan HIWIN, Taiwan
Servo unit and motor SIEMENS SIEMENS
Hydraulic system Rexroth, Germany Rexroth, Germany
Valves Rexroth, Germany Rexroth, Germany
Pneumatic cylinder AIRTEC AIRTEC
Proximity switch P+F, Germany P+F, Germany
Automatic programming JakSOFT JakSOFT
Mould Local Company(OPTIONAL ) Local Company(OPTIONAL )
Size of each dies A (qty, 12 sets) Φ0.10-Φ0.5 in Φ2.5-Φ12.7 mm
B (qty, 8 sets) Φ0.5-Φ1.25 in Φ12.7-Φ31.7 mm
C (qty, 2 sets) Φ1.25-Φ2 in Φ31.7-Φ50.8 mm
D (qty, 2 sets) Φ2-Φ3.5 in Φ50.8-Φ88.9 mm

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