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TPM100 CNC Turret Punching Machine


The Tommy Industrial Hydraulic CNC turret punch machine adopts a German SIEMENS numerical control system and Ac servo motors for three axes drive Fast x and Y axis positioning can be arbitrarily selected automatically from the operator panel.  According to the requirements of processing panel, different size, shape, and pitch of holes can be selected.  

*Tommy Industrial Hydraulic CNC turret punch machines are constructed of fully welded structure, high strength, good rigidity, through advanced heat treatment and blasting cleaning process, eliminate the internal stress, ensure the long-term stability of the machine tool accuracy and stability, maximum increased the machine tool and die life.

*We adopt international general type of wear resistant materials to make  high precision and thicken machine . with long guide mold, to ensure that the mold of neutral, has high hardness, strong wear resistance and good characteristics and long life. You no need to add gasket. Highly increase the service life of dies. And die along fine, strong commonality , convenient for user to choose mold and more convenient to use.

*Standard international advanced full floating clamp, floating in the vertical direction. Bringing great feeding, and to improve the force bearing condition of the clamp clamping force is big, running without noise. Clamp the dovetail groove connection mode, mobile convenience.

*This machine adopts brush steel ball workbench, which can make the sheet transportation smooth  and no noise, also won't make the sheet metal in running a scratch. Applicable to the surface of plate or stainless steel sheet of the request processing.

*This machine adopts the world famous brand SIEMENS high-grade CNC system, and servo unit . System features including: can be convenient to connect with the computer RS232 standard communication interface, conversion in both Chinese and English, strong diagnostic function, clamp and punch automatic collision avoidance.

*The machine adopt s the international CNC G code programming, can also be equipped with CAD/CAM automatic programming system (automatic programming software JakSoft). Can input and output process during processing to reduce processing  and improve production efficiency.

*This machine adopts imported hydraulic assembly, safe and reliable, low noise, no heating, energy saving; The automatic overload protection, whole journey full of stamping. Ensure the dynamic properties of machine tool, reducing the machine noise and vibration, improve the reliability of the machine tool.

*The world famous brand of precision ball screw and the big lead precision linear guide, precision level is high, to ensure the transmission and positioning accuracy. Adopt international famous matching parts, ensure performance of the machine tool.

*High precision, high efficiency of CNC hydraulic turret punch press, integrated with our company many years of CNC turret punch press research and development, manufacturing experience and a number of proprietary technology, is the perfect combination of modern control technology with the traditional mechanical, machine performance is in the domestic absolute leading position, has a high degree of automation, high efficiency, stable performance, safe and reliable, is the ideal equipment of sheet metal industry. This machine is especially suitable for many varieties, small batch of sheet metal processing, such as electrical switches, electronic instruments, household appliances, automobiles, elevators, food machinery, medical equipment, kitchen equipment, light industry, textile machinery, chemical machinery, shipbuilding, stainless steel decoration, IT, communication, etc; Especially for small and medium-sized enterprises have the advantage of high performance/price ratio.

Model TPM100 Specifications
Item Imperial Metric
Nominal force 33.72 Ton 300KN
Workpiece size 49.2*98.4in 1250*2500mm
Max workpiece thickness 0.2in 6mm
Max punch diameter Φ3.5in Φ88.9mm
Max. hit speed 600 h.p.m
Max. stroke 1.57in 40mm
X/Y axis traveling speed 262.47 ft/min 80 m/min
Workpiece traveling speed 262.47 ft/min 80 m/min
Turret speed 30 r /min
Main Power 20.1HP 15KW
Working accuracy ±0.0039in ±0.10mm
Total station 24 set
Axes 4 (X, Y, Z,C)
Machine dimension (L*W*H 196.9*118.1*82.7in 5000*3000*2100mm
Machine weight 26455.5LBS 12000kg
CNC Control System SIEMENS 808D
Ball screws HIWIN, Taiwan
Linear Guideways HIWIN, Taiwan
Servo unit and motor SIEMENS
Hydraulic System Rexroth, Germany
Valves Rexroth, Germany
Pneumatic cylinder AIRTEC
Proximity switch P+F, Germany
Automatic programming JakSOFT

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