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79" X 157" Plasma Cutting Table


The Tommy Industrial Model TIPCT1000 Plasma Table offers high quality precision cutting within a compact structure.  All Tommy Industrial Plasma Cutting Tables are fully customizable based on the customer’s specifications and needs.  Tommy Industrial Plasma Tables are built with parts of uncommon quality; all components are individual tested prior to assembly, and then 3 times after finally assembly to insure a quality operator experience.  Some standard features include:

–Synchronic double drivers in longitudinal linear guide track

–Stable and precision table base

–Small inertia precision crossbeam

–Self-contained dust management system

–Compact customizable structure

-Fully customizable CNC system

-Fully customizable plasma power supply


To find out more about the Tommy Industrial Model TI-PCT1000 contact one of our Technical Sales Representatives at

Model TI-PCT1000 Specifications
Item Imperial Metric
Working Area Track Span 79-98in
Track Length 157-315in
Travels Transverse effective cutting 59in
Longitudinal effective cutting 118-276in
Speed Cutting Speed 0-236in/min
Traveling Speed 0-709in/min
Cutting capacity Plasma cutting thickness Variable based on power supply

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