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177" X 157" Double Column Vertical CNC Lathe


With the Tommy Industrial Vertical CNC Lathe Series you get affordable reliability and features not usually found on basic Vertical Lathes. That's why these Vertical Lathes are a favorite for manufactures, fabricators, maintenance shops and machine shops.  Features Include

–Plastic coated guide ways are wearable

–Centralized lubricating oil supplying is convenient

–The spindle is to use model NN30(Grade D)bearing and able to turn precisely

–Gear case is to use 40 Cr gear wheel of gear grinding, which has high precision

–Castings of lathe are to use lost foam foundry(short for LFF)technique. Castings are wearable with good quality and dealt by aging

–Vertical lathe can make rough and accurate turning of cylindrical surface, conical surface, head face, grooving, severance,etc

Model TICKQ5263 Specifications
Item Imperial Metric
Working Area Turning diameter of tool post 248 in 6300 mm
Working table diameter 177 in 4500 mm
Workpiece height (max.) 157 in 4000 mm
Workpiece weight (max.) 110231 lbs/ 176370 lbs 50000 kg/ 80000 kg
Tool post Max. cutting force of right tool post 62 KN 62 KN
Tool post Max. cutting force of left tool post 35 KN 35 KN
Horizontal travel of tool post 108 in 3350 mm
Vertical travel of tool post 39 in 1000 mm
Drive Capacity Motor rating main drive 147.5 Hp 110 kW
Measures and weights Overall dimensions (length x width x height) 531x256x295 in 13500x6500x7500 mm
Weight 220462 lbs 100000 kg

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