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Dual CNC Tube Punching Machine Model: TPM1000XT

$125,000.00 to $160,000.00


  • *Single hole punching
  • *Double hole punching.
  • *Isometric hole punching.
  • *Non-isometric hole punching.

The Tommy Industrial CNC Tube Punching Machines punch shapes in round, square, formed and extruded material.

Standard models include:

-TFT HMI (human-machine interface) display, Touch Screen settings, NC control system, precise servo motor positioning, module storage memory function.

-The machines frames are constructed out of heavy duty welded steel plate.

-Punch and Die Tooling change can take less than 10 minutes.

-Punching applications include.  

-Single hole punching.

-Double hole punching.

-Isometric hole punching.

-Non-isometric hole punching.

-Rotary hole punching.

-Custom designed tooling.

The Tommy Industrial CNC Tube Punching Machines are powered by internal hydraulic systems and optional internal compressed air systems.

The Tommy Industrial hydraulic system includes step-less operation adjustment, hydraulic loops designed with zero load, combined with a extremely low frequency oil pump motor, effectively reduced noise, and increased motor efficiency and service duration.

Tommy Industrial CNC Tube Punching Machines are designed with hydraulic difference driving loops rated at high or low RPM .

The electrical control system is designed with the human machine interface, range adjustment includes digital scale, setting low speed position, floor level position, and operation settings.

Model $125,000.00 to $160,000.00 Specifications
Item Imperial Metric
Aperature round pipe 4.75” 4.75”
Square tube 6” 6”
Rectangle pipe 6.5” x 25” 6.5” x 25”
Angle iron 3” X 3” 3” X 3”
channel iron 2” X 5” 2” X 5”
Hole distance 140” 140”
Punching Speed 1.5sec/hole 1.5sec/hole
Longest distance between holes 475" 475"
Standard length 475" 475"
Max feeding speed of servo 118”/min 118”/min
Engineering Motion Classification 1.Single puncturing operation
2.Irregular interval puncturing
3.Regular interval puncturing
TFT human machine interface Human machine interface
Control system Touch controllable display setting , English exchange
Memory Function Can be stored and memorized 0-100 groups processing mode

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