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59" X 22" OVER BED Flat Bed CNC Lathe


With the Tommy Industrial Flat Bed CNC Lathe Series you get affordable reliability and features not usually found on basic Flat Bed CNC Lathes. That's why these CNC Lathes are a favorite for manufactures, fabricators, maintenance shops and machine shops.  Features Include:

  1. Featured with flat bed, wide hard guide way and fully safe guard. The good-looking machine is completely equipped, highly reliable, and promises high rigidity, easy operation and good safety.
  2. The guide way is widened more than same type of the machine of other company, and also the rigidity being improved. As guide way is supersonic frequency hardened and precising groud, its accuracy can be kept for long time.
  3. The spindle box adopted 2-steps gear change speeds and frequency conversion which can satisfy the customer who require the machine with big torque, high precision processing, etc.
  4. There are adjusting row tools for choice which can easy adjust the high of the tool centers and very convenient for the various tools used in processing.
  5. Because of the machine use the modular design, except the CNC system can be chosen by the customers, also, the tool posts such as vertical 4-positions, horizontal 6,8 positions electrical tool posts or row tool posts for choice according to the specifications of the customers. Furthermore, we can supply the simple bar stock conveyor if required.

6.With double door fully enclosed safe guard, the operation is very convenient.

Standard configuration:

  1. Hand solid chuck and tailstock
  2. 4 positions electric tool post
  3. 7.5kw two steps of speed
  4. 7.5kw frequency convertion motor

5.Spindle bore Φ80/A2-8/ASA350

6.Double door safeguard


Optional configuration:

  1. Hand hollow chuck, 10'' hydraulic hollow or solid chuck
  2. Hydraulic tailstock
  3. 6 or 8 positions electric tool post
4. 11kw frequency convertion stepless speed

Model TICCK6150 Specifications
Item Imperial Metric
Working Area Workpiece length (max.) 39 in/ 59 in 1000 mm/ 1500 mm
Turning length (max.) 36 in/ 56 in 910 mm/ 1410 mm
Turning diameter over bed 22 in 550 mm
Turning diameter over support 12 in 300 mm
Travels Travel X-axis 13 in 340 mm
Travel Z-axis 36 in/ 56 in 910 mm/ 1410 mm
Headstock Spindle speed (stepless) 200-2000 r/min (stepless) 200-2000 r/min
Spindle mount A2-8 A2-8
Spindle bore 3 in 80 mm
Rapid Feed Rapid feed X-axis 315 in/min 8000 mm/min
Rapid feed Z-axis 472 in/min 12000 mm/min
Tool head Number of tool stations 4 positions 4 positions
Tailstock Tailstock taper MT 4 MT 4
Tailstock quill diameter 3.5 in 90 mm
Tailstock quill stroke 6 in 150 mm
Drive Capacity Motor rating main drive (Stepless) 14.8 Hp (Stepless) 11 kW
Measures and weights Overall dimensions (length x width x height) 108x57x71 in 2740x1450x1800 mm
128x57x71 in 3240x1450x1800 mm
Weight 6173 lbs/ 6834 lbs 2800 kg/ 3100 kg

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