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65" OVER BED 74 HP Heavy Duty Lathe


Heavy Duty Lathe

Product Info:  Tommy Industrial Horizontal Lathes are respected in the industry, they are heavy duty and precise.  This models includes

–Heavy duty lathe machine

–The Max.weight of workpiece can up to 20000kg

–The whole bed with high rigidity

–Used for high speed steel and hard alloy cutter

–High efficiency, easy operation

–Big spindle bore is 105mm

Close-type steady rest

Big heavy duty four-jaw chuck

Spindle center

Tailstock center

Adjusting bolt of shim plate

Anchor bolt

Electrical cabinet

Clamping strength wrench

Mobile wrench

Oil gun

Double-headed solid wrench


Operation manual

Model TICW61166 Specifications
Item Imperial Metric
Working Area Workpiece length (max.) 118 in/ 157 in/ 197 in/ 236 in/ 315 in/ 394 in/ 472 in 3000 mm/ 4000 mm/ 5000 mm/ 6000 mm/ 8000 mm/ 10000 mm/ 12000 mm
Turning diameter over bed 65 in 1660 mm
Turning diameter over support 46 in 1160mm
Work piece weight (max.) 44092 lbs 20000 kg
Bed width 46 in 1180 mm
Headstock Spindle speeds 3-24 rpm/ 6-48 rpm/ 12-96 rpm/24-200 rpm 3-24 rpm/ 6-48 rpm/ 12-96 rpm/24-200 rpm
Spindle bore 4 in 105 mm
Rapid feed Rapid feed X-axis 67 in/min 1700 mm/min
Rapid feed Z-axis 134 in/min 3400 mm/min
Feed Feed X-axis 0.0020-0.12 in/rev 0.05-3 mm/rev
Feed Z-axis 0.0039-0.24 in/rev 0.1-6 mm/rev
Tailstock Tailstock quill diameter 11 in 280 mm
Tailstock quill taper 4 in 1:7 100mm 1:7
Tailstock quill stroke 12 in 300 mm
Tapping Tapping, metric 1-60 mm 1-60 mm
Drive capacity Motor rating main drive 74 Hp 55 kW

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