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20" OVER BED 7.4 HP Heavy Duty Lathe


Tommy Industrial Horizontal Lathes are respected in the industry, they are heavy duty and precise.  This models includes:

Big spindle bore Ø65mm

Super-audio frequency hardened (>HB400)

Removable gap

Feed rod and leadscrew interlocked

Precision ground

CE-conformity; electromagnetic brake can be amounted

Safety torque limiting device for lead screw

Safety overload clutch for feedrod

Rapid traverse(optional).

Main spindle supported at 2 points with precision taper roller bearings

Steady rest

Follower rest

4-jaw chuck

Face plate

Thread dial

Longitudinal automatic trip


Driving plate

center and center sleeve


oil gun

Operation manual

Model TICD6250B Specifications
Item Imperial Metric
Working Area Workpiece length (max.) 39 in/ 59 in/ 79 in 1000 mm/ 1500 mm/ 2000 mm
Turning diameter over bed 20 in 500 mm
Turning diameter over support 13 in 325mm
Turning diameter over gap bridge 25 in 630 mm
Gap bridge length 10 in 260 mm
Bed width 13 in 330 mm
Headstock Spindle speeds (15) 22-1800 rpm (15) 22-1800 rpm
Spindle bore 2.6 in 65 mm
Spindle mount ISO-C6 or ISO-D6 ISO-C6 or ISO-D6
Spindle taper Metric 70 mm Metric 70 mm
Feed Feed X-axis 0.0014-0.079 in/rev (66) 0.036-2.019 mm/rev
Feed Z-axis (66) 0.0028-0.159 in/rev (66) 0.072-4.038 mm/rev
Tailstock Tailstock quill diameter 2.6 in 65 mm
Tailstock taper Morse No.5 Morse No.5
Tailstock quill stroke 4.7 in 120 mm
Tapping Tapping, metric (66) 0.5-28 mm (66) 0.5-28 mm
Tapping, diametric (33) 8-56 D.P (33) 8-56 D.P
Tapping, module 33) 0.020-0.138 in (33) 0.5-3.5 mm
Drive capacity Motor rating main drive 6.0 Hp or 7.4 Hp 4.5 kW or 5.5 kW
Measures and weights Overall dimensions (length x width x height) 95x45x71 in 2420x1150x1800 mm
115x45x71 in 2920x1150x1800 mm
136x45x71 in 3460x1150x1800mm
Weight 3527 lbs/ 4034 lbs/ 4564 lbs 1600 kg/ 1830 kg/ 2070 kg

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