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Hydraulic Plate Roll 8' X 1-3/8"


Tommy Industrial offers 38 models of Hydraulic Plate Roll Benders, each with 4 Rolls.  The Tommy Industrial Plate Roll Bender line is heavy duty and recognized around the World for dependability and accuracy.   The Tommy Industrial Roll bender is a staple is any fabrication shop that has a need to roll plate.  For more information contact a Tommy Industrial Sales Rep today!

Model HPR8-1-3/8 Specifications
Item Imperial Metric
Max. bending thickness 1.4 in 35 mm
Pre-bending thickness 1.1 in 28 mm
Max. working length of rolls 100.4 in 2550 mm
Yield limit 245 Mpa
Diameter of top shaft 18.1 in 460 mm
Diameter of bottom shaft 16.5 in 420 mm
Diameter of side shaft 14.2 in 360 mm
Main motor 40.2 hp 30 kW

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