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Metal Bandsaw Machine GX4240


Tommy Industrial Metal Bandsaw Machine Model:  GX4240

  1. Features

It is mainly used for ordinary carbon structural steel, high strength low alloy steel, welding of steel, automobile structural steel, welding gas cylinder with steel plate, container plate, high weather resistance of structural steel, pipeline steel billet metal materials and various kinds of steel sample cutting. And it can be manually adjusted between 90 degree and 45 degree of angle cutting.

The machine used for cutting height 400 mm or less, profiles and sheet metal width of 500 mm or less, may also after the proper process parameters being selected, cutting all kinds of black and non-ferrous metal materials.

  1. Worm gear speed by four file conversion, automatic clamping hydraulic cylinder, CNC automatic feeding, easy to operation, using horizontal double column single oil cylinder, to ensure the stability of the cutting.
  2. Gap less than 2.5mm cutting materials, and materials not heated; Cutting surface is excellent, cutting face no special requirements can be omitted in subsequent processing; Equipment with safety protection facilities, equipment, high efficiency, suitable for bulk cutting of steel mills.


  1. Machine Main characteristics

Machine tool by mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, manual rotation Angle, hydraulic clamping, cutting saw frame rapid rise (return), and other functions. Feed rate, in a given range, can be stepless adjustment.



Max. Cutting Diameter


Round 400


Plate 400*500



Round 300


Plate 250*400


Blade Speed


Blade Size



Motor Output



Hydraulic Pressure



Coolant Pump



Table height



Machine Size(L*W*H)



Net Weight



Vice clamping


Blade tensioning form


Feeding cut adjust way

Hydraulic stepless

Feeding way


Hydraulic cooling way

air cooling

Model GX4240 Specifications
Item Imperial Metric

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