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220 TON 47" X 41" Punch Press Machine


The Tommy Industrial Punch Press line includes 10 models from 90 to 900 tons of pressing power.  All Tommy Industrial Punch Presses are fully customizable to individual customer needs and specifications.  For more information, contact a Tommy Industrial sales representative today!  Check out the speciation’s:


Main Structure Features

High accuracy, reach JIS-Grade1.

Straight side structure and high rigidity steel-welded frame.

High precision, 8-side long guide rail.

Dry type pneumatic clutch-brake unit.

Imported safety dual-solenoid valve for clutch.

High sensitive HOLP.

Automatic oil cycle lubrication system.

FDI (Frequency Drive Inverter).

PLC System.

Optional Components: Output shaft, air cushion, slide knockout device, automatic feeder, etc.

Model TIYS1-200 Specifications
Item Imperial Metric
Nominal pressure 220 ton 2000 kN
Nominal pressure stroke 0.24 in 6 mm
Stroke of slide 7.9 in 200 mm
Stroke 30-50 S.P.M. 30-50 S.P.M.
Max. die set height 17.7 in 450 mm
Die height adjustment 4.3 in 110 mm
Distance between uprights 48.8 in 1240 mm
Lateral opening size (F-B) 25.6 in 650 mm
Bottom size of slide L-R 43.3 in 1100 mm
F-B 25.6 in 650 mm
Hole for punch shank Diameter Φ 2.8 in Φ 70 mm
Depth 3.1 in 80 mm
Size of table L-R 47.2 in 1200 mm
F-B 31.5 in 800 mm
Thickness 7.9 in 200 mm
Size opening in the table Φ 7.9 in Φ 200 mm
Main motor power 29.5 hp 22 kW

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