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52" X 14" 7 HP Ram Mill


The Tommy Industrial Ram Mill line includes 10 models to choose from.  All Tommy Industrial

Ram Mills are constructed out of high grade steel with a solid frame and heavy duty bed.  

The TIXL6436C, ram type milling machine from Tommy Industrial is the perfect mill for precision machining.   It carries on the tradition of a well built economical machine that will do everything you could ask and more.  220 volt, 380 volt and other customized voltage allow being run just about anywhere, making it a good fit for just about any size fabricator or machine shop.

Model TIXL6436C Specifications
Item Imperial Metric
Working area Table set up area 52x14 in 1325x360 mm
Number of T-slots 3 positions 3 positions
T-slots, width 0.7 in 18 mm
T-slots, spacing 3 in 80 mm
Travels Travel X-axis 43 in 1100 mm
Travel Y-axis 13 in 320 mm
Travel Z-axis 18 in 450 mm
Horizontal spindle Spindle speed (horizontal) (12) 60-1800 rpm (12) 60-1800 rpm
Spindle mount (horizontal) ISO 50 ISO 50
Spindle nose to table surface 1-19 in 20-470 mm
Vertical milling feed Spindle speed (vertical) (12) 60-1750 rpm (12) 60-1750 rpm
Spindle mount (vertical) ISO 50 ISO 50
Spindle nose-to-table surface distance 8-25 in 196-646 mm
Milling head swivel range 360° 360°
Feed Feed speed X-axis 1-30 in/min 30-750 mm/min
Feed speed Y-axis 1-20 in/min 20-500 mm/min
Feed speed Z-axis 1-15 in/min 15-375 mm/min
Drive capacity Motor rating horizontal spindle 7 hp 5.5 kW
Motor rating vertical spindle 5 hp 4 kW
Motor rating X-axis 10 Nm 10 Nm
Motor rating Y-axis 10 Nm 10 Nm
Motor rating Z-axis 10 Nm 10 Nm
Measures and weights Overall dimensions (length x width x height) 88x83x79 in 2245x2100x2000 mm
Weight 6100 lbs 2750 kg

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