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Sheet Metal Corner Notcher SNF3GA


$6,995.00 USD

The Tommy Industrial Sheet Metal Notcher line features heavy duty fixed angle 90 degree notching. The Tommy Industrial Notcher’s can operate on single step or automatic operating modes.  The standard stroke adjustment which limits the stroke to a preset position. You can therefore produce defined shears, not necessarily ending at the edge of the material and you can increase your stroke rate with the shortest possible stroke for each task. For more information, contact a Tommy Industrial sales associate.

Model SNF3GA Specifications
Item Imperial Metric
Cutting thickness 0.24in 6mm
Cutting length 7.87in 200mm
Cutting angle range 90°
Power 5.36hp 4kW
Dimensions 39.37x39.37x47.24in 1000x1000x1200mm
Net weight 1278.7lbs 580kg

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