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Tommy Industrial® Hydraulic Ironworker Tube Bending Tooling.

Varies based on ironworker model

Designed for the IWT Series Tommy Industrial® Hydraulic Ironworkers.  Maximum size of tube bent varies based on ironwokrer model. 

Part #: Varies based on ironworker model. 

To order tube bender tooling first send 12” long samples of your material to Tommy Industrial® Tooling Manufacturing Division, 5905 Mesker Street, Weston, Wi, 54476.  Include the serial number of the ironworker you have and your contact information.  Tommy Industrial will contact you for payment prior to manufacturing the tooling Lead time is  approximately 60 days. 

Tommy Industrial® also offers custom shearing and bending tooling, for more information call:  1-844-895-3316 

Model Varies based on ironworker model Specifications
Item Imperial Metric

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