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Tommy Industrial® Ironworker Brake Tooling


$1,495.00 USD

Tommy Industrial® Brake Tooling, 11.75" long punch with 8 way bottom die. Precise, Repeatable Bends | Brackets, frames, pans and tanks are just a few of the applications appropriate for the Tommy Industrial Break Tooling.  Brake Tooling includes a standard gooseneck punch and a eight-way die that allows for up to .25" material to be broke to a 90°angle. The bottom brake die is held with brackets that easily bolt to the mounting table. Repeatable bending is achievable with the combination of Brake Tooling and the Ironworker's electric stroke control. Part #: IWTB11.75  Compatible with Tommy Industrial® hydraulic ironworkers models IWT67 and IWT101.  Tommy Industrial® also offers custom bending tooling, for more information call:  1-844-895-3316 

Model IWTB11.75 Specifications
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