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63" X 14" 5 HP Turret Mill


The Tommy Industrial Turret Mill line includes 10 models to choose from.  All Tommy Industrial Turret Mills are constructed out of high grade steel with a solid frame and heavy duty bed.  Some features include:  

High speed milling head (5HP)

Max. vertical travel: 460mm

Driven by servo motor

Table automatic feed on X,Y,Z

Automatic rapid feed X,Y,Z

Easy control

Rotary table can be ordered at special request

Model TIXQ6332HL Specifications
Item Imperial Metric
Working area Top slide travel 19 in 480 mm
Table dimensions 63x13/14 in 1600x320/360 mm
Travels Travel X-axis 51 in 1300 mm
Travel Y-axis 17 in 420 mm
Travel Z-axis 18 in 450 mm
Vertical milling head Speed range (16) 65 - 4500 rpm, 50-5440, 65-3750 (16) 65 - 4500 rpm, 50-5440, 65-3750
Spindle mount ISO 40 ISO 40
Quill travel 5 in 127 mm
Spindle nose-to-table surface distance 4.5-21 in 115-545 mm
Horizontal milling spindle Speed range 50 H Z:45-980 rpm, 60 HZ :55-1180 rpm 50 HZ :45-980 rpm, 60 HZ :55-1180 rpm
Spindle mount (horizontal) ISO 40 ISO 40
Spindle axis-to-ram surface distance 7 in 183 mm
Feed Feed speed X-axis 1-30 in/min 30-750 mm/min
Feed speed Y-axis 1-20 in/min 20-500 mm/min
Feed speed Z-axis 1-15 in/min 15-375 mm/min
Drive capacity Motor rating horizontal spindle 5 hp 3.7 kW
Motor rating vertical spindle 5 hp 3.7 kW

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