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52" x 13" 7 HP Vertical Mill


The Tommy Industrial Vertical Mill line includes 19 models to choose from.  All Tommy Industrial Vertical Mills are constructed out of high grade steel with a solid frame and heavy duty bed.  Some of the features include:  

Easy operate, reliable performance.

Widely used in all kinds of mechanical processing department.

Processing all kinds of flat ,grooved , gear

Rotary table configured

Dividing head optional configured

Expanding usage

Head stock swivels ±30°

Spindle is driven by gears,

12 steps speed

Applied to heavy cut

Milling head adopts cyclic and forcible lubrication

Machine with automatic feed controlled one servo motor in XYZ axis

One handle to control forward and reverse movement in XYZ

Model TIXL5032C Specifications
Item Imperial Metric
Working area Table set up area 52x13 in 1325x320 mm
Number of T-slots 3 positions 3 positions
T-slots, width 0.7 in 18 mm
T-slots, spacing 3 in 70 mm
Travels Travel X-axis 43 in 1100 mm
Travel Y-axis 13 in 320 mm
Travel Z-axis 18 in 450 mm
Spindle Spindle speed 50-1475 rpm 50-1475 rpm
Spindle mount ISO 50 ISO 50
Spindle nose-to-table surface distance 2-20 in 50-510 mm
Vertical milling head Milling head swivel range ±30 ° ±30 °
Rapid feed Rapid feed X-axis 47 in/min 1200 mm/min
Rapid feed Y-axis 31 in/min 800 mm/min
Rapid feed Z-axis 24 in/min 600 mm/min
Table feed Feed X-axis 1-30 in/min 30-750 mm/min
Feed Y-axis 1-20 in/min 20-500 mm/min
Feed Z-axis 1-15 in/min 15-375 mm/min
Drive capacity Motor rating main spindle 7 hp 5.5 kW
Motor rating X-axis 10 Nm 10 Nm
Motor rating Y-axis 10 Nm 10 Nm
Motor rating Z-axis 10 Nm 10 Nm
Measures and weights Overall dimensions (length x width x height) 88x83x85 in 2245x2100x2150 mm
Weight 6300 lbs 2850 kg

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